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Web Development

My part-time web design business is founded and headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. I currently specialize in developing, designing, hosting and promoting websites for small to medium size business and non-profit organizations. With a marketing background and design experience, I complete web design projects on time and on budget. I am committed to providing your business with professional, cost effective web design services. Together, we can establish your business on the Internet with a complete website to meet your specific business requirements.
My web design work is based on the philosophy that your site must be better designed and implemented than your competitors in order to produce results. This is accomplished through research, careful planning and effective marketing. My primary goal is to establish long term relationships with my clients.


Proper web site planning is critical from the initial architecture of the site through the actual design process, implementation and marketing. I will help focus on both the little details and the big picture, staying within your budget, while ultimately producing a first class product. Let me de-mystify the website development process for you and break down the process in several easy to understand steps.


It is important to insure that everything your customers see on the web accurately portrays the image you want to express. The overriding goals of website design and development are to:

  • Set you apart from your competition
  • Create the image you want to portray
  • Position your business to meet its established goals
  • Create a dominating online Internet presence
  • Cultivate and develop new customers


  • Does your website instantly convey the essence of your business?
  • Is there consistency throughout your visual marketing materials?
  • Does your visual materials make customers remember you and trust you?
  • Are you poised to take your business to the next level?
  • Are you positioned to effectively ward off competitors?