Social Media

To tweet or not to tweet? Although Twitter launched March 1, 2006, it did not gain the popularity it has now until over the few years. Twitter is a microblogging website that simply asks “what are you doing?” in 140 characters. From 2008 to 2009, it grew to become a leader in breaking news, connecting people with similar interests, promoting businesses, blogs and assisting in the search for information on just about any topic you might find of interest. With such a wealth of information available, it is hard to believe that there are still people out there asking, ”What can Twitter do for me?” “What is all the hype about?” “Who really cares what I am doing?”

Engaging in social media whether through blogs, microblogs, interest sites, videos or catching up with old friends, is time intensive but while you are interacting with people, you are building relationships which ultimately builds your business or product and leads to new customers and followers.

The Benefits of  Social Media

  • Expand Reach. As a small business (or even a large business) or non-profit it can be expensive to advertise to build brand awareness. Social Media allows you to search, converse and engage with a huge online audience while at the same time you’re gaining exposure for your product/service.
  • Receive & Share Information. By following the leaders in your industry, you will be able to provide invaluable information that you can share with your followers, guests and customers.
  • Interaction. Most small businesses and non-profits attract new business by word-of-mouth advertising. Communication via Social Media with customers shows that you are attentive to their needs and do not stop after the sale is over. This also provides almost instant feedback on your product/service and saves time and effort in researching reviews that your customers may have posted on other sites.
  • Enhance Email Marketing. Whether you are currently utilizing email marketing campaigns or plan to in the future, Social Media is another source to further the campaign by driving people to your website.
  • Meet Local People. One of the biggest benefits of Social Media is to “meet-up” or get “linked-in” with other like-minded local businesses and customers.
  • Offer Help. Searches assist in finding people who are in need of help. Offering a solution allows you to showcase your area of expertise and engage people. This will take time to become a trusted information source however while interacting with people, it will expose your business offerings.