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Keeping It Fresh From Florida

Over the years I have come to especially enjoy the fresh local produce available here in Southwest Florida. It is almost ridiculously abundant from November through the end of April. This past winter season, I discovered Farmer Mike’s U-Pick at the Farmers Market held every Thursday morning at Coconut Point Mall in Estero. Come to find out, Farmer Mike has produce stands all over Southwest Florida during season and has a U-Pick market located at 26049 Morton Avenue, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135 (just west of I-75, off East Terry Street). All these yummy veggies for less than $10.00! Not only is the [ ... ]

Palomar Knots & Slip Shots

I have a confession to make – one that is almost embarrassing considering my upbringing. Ok, here goes . . . I haven’t been fishing in YEARS! Yes, that was not a type-o. Me, who has a Dad that took her fishing all the time growing up and who’s Uncle was a professional fisherman and owned a bait, tackle and seafood shop. Me, who would run off after school to “the point” at my Aunt Anne’s house on Haven Lake just to see if I could catch some Sunnies, Bluegills (or bullfrogs or turtles for that matter). Has growing up really [ ... ]

Go Wild At Naples Zoo!

History In 1919, pioneer botanist Dr. Henry Nehrling founded the botanical garden. Respected botanist David Fairchild reflected, “The wildlife is passing. Man is destroying it. Dr. Nehrling loved it and taught thousands to follow his lead.” After Nehrling died, his garden grew wild until Julius Fleischmann restored and expanded it in 1954. Explorers and educators Larry and Nancy Jane Tetzlaff, known as Jungle Larry and Safari Jane, introduced the rare animals in 1969. Larry performed stuntwork in the popular Tarzan films and collected venom during WWII for medicine. Millions gained a new appreciation of the planet’s wonders through their films, TV [ ... ]

Koreshan State Park & Historical Site

Do you remember back in grade school when your teacher announced to the whole class that you would be going on a field trip to some random historical museum and that you had to have your permission slip signed and turned in by the end of the week? Nine times out of ten, the trips were to a museum that smelled like moth balls and formaldehyde and that showcased ancient artifacts kept behind security glass so all you could do was glance at them while you and the other 100 kids walked by like zombies.

Copal Resin – For Clearing & Clarifying

It was well over 15 years ago when I first visited Cancun, Mexico with friends. Along with baking on the beach under a palm-frond-topped tiki hut, frolicking in the waves just like I did when I was 10 years old and of course hitting all the famous nightly hot spots, we also planned a day at Xcaret (pronounced like ish-ca-ret). Xcaret is an amazing ecological park located just south of Cancun in the Riviera Maya. It’s where culture, ecology and Mexican wildlife meet. (More on Xcaret at a later time). And, at night something absolutely amazing takes place in the [ ... ]